Established in 2001, the artistic direction and creative path of the Gallery of Contemporary Art & Sculpture (Gallery CAS) marks the culmination of the founders’ passion to build an exceptional and enviable collection of fine quality contemporary art and sculpture with a dedication to the promotion of exceptional artists to the Australian and International art market.

Gallery CAS connects a vast collection of emerging and established artists with art collectors, interior designers, corporate clientele and other industry stakeholders to create an ever-growing community dedicated to the world of fine art.

Located in the same building, you will find the Aboriginal & Modern Art Gallery of Australia (AMAGOA) with one of Melbourne’s most diverse and impressive collections of Central and Western Desert Art.

why gallery cas?

Our staff of art experts who make Gallery CAS the friendly and professional place that it is, ensure that all the details of an artist’s representation are handled efficiently, from shipping artwork to the many kinds of artist promotion in which the gallery is involved. Drawing on both theoretical and practical knowledge of art, and on their considerable experience of the contemporary art world, each staff member strives to combine their skills to ensure that artists and collectors always experience the gallery at its best.

Located at 909 High Street, Armadale, our elegant, yet welcoming exhibition space is home to a huge collection of fine art work, from lovely petite take-home pieces to impressive large corporate artwork.

Gallery CAS is situated in the heart of Melbourne’s renowned Armadale Art Precinct, home to some of Melbourne’s best art galleries and antique stores.

If you’re an art lover visiting Melbourne, you won’t want to miss the experience of exploring the art mecca of High Street, Armadale and visiting our gallery.

The Gallery of Contemporary Art & Sculpture is a great example of an organisation that showcases the variety and skill present in contemporary art – so be sure to visit us during your time in Melbourne!

Admission is free to all.

Gallery Hours are Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday  11am – 5pm.
However - if you are visiting on a day when our doors appear to be closed, our administration offices are just around the corner, 5 minutes away, so feel free to call us to arrange a time to drop in on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday or, after hours on any other one of our business days, by simply calling us on (03) 9822 8000 or 0433 112 878 or 0419 502 800 and we will arrange a suitable time to meet you there and show you around our impressive art collection.