The Gallery of Contemporary Art & Sculpture (Gallery CAS) provides a contemporary art consulting services to a diverse range of corporate and private clientele.

Gallery CAS engages a wholistic approach in the services we provide, either directly with our clientele or we closely with interior designers and architects to ensure we meet the most demanding of clients’ fine art and sculpture desires and goals.

Gallery CAS is well-versed in the varying needs of your corporate art requirements. We strive to always provide exceptional artwork to our clientele utilising our extensive inventory and art consulting skills. We also have the experience to work with you or your design team of any bespoke commissions you may require.

Our group can assist to provide our clientele with access to expert consultants in all aspects required to complete your space with exceptional quality art. This may include: fine art and sculpture from Australian and International artists, framing, delivery, hanging and installation, inventories and custom designed commissions.


Our consultants will work to define your thoughts and preferences, and can work with your architect, designers and facilities staff to integrate art and other design elements into any project.

The process may include:

* Defining the interior or exterior areas the would be enhanced through the inclusion of artwork.

* Establishing a budget when requested.

* Pre-selecting the most suitable artwork within the client’s parameters.

* Incorporating exisiting artwork - if appropriate.

* Commissioning site-specific or industry artwork.

* Consulting on lighting of artwork.

* Frame, shipping and delivery of artwork.

* Supervising Installation.


Gallery CAS offers clients the opportunity to purchase artwork outright to add to their corporate art collections, or the flexibility to rent artwork, which then allows for constant annual rotation of the pieces, and which can provide an attractive tax benefit and alternative to the capital expenditure of investing in artworks.
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